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Simplicity, intelligence, usability, brightness.


No other range of products covers the demands of users and professional specialists like Zennio does. Touchpads, actuators, sensors and system components that allow the configuration of complete solutions at a cost inimaginable only two years ago.

A LowCost concept that has turn into a solution of worship for an increasing number of users: 
pragmatic ones, best value seekers, and exquisite tasters.

But Zennio is above all a range of solutions that takes both the Specialist and the mayority of his customers.

The range:

Small touch displays for room and zone control.
Multifunction actuatiors with the widest range of features in the market.

AC Control devices and multiroom temperature sensors for an impecable climate control.


System components for small installations
And above all: the promise of innovative products to bring an increasing number of people to the pleasure of the technology comfort.