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Visiomatic is conceived around a simple vision: "A single display that can be used by anyone for simple and convenient control of the entire technology within a building, including all communication, information and entertainment media. Both on site and while travelling."



Visiomatic vs other systems


Visiomatic is not just an additional user layer to control external systems in the way AMX or Crestron do. Visiomatic not only integrates seamlessly with any system, but generates most of the house content, becoming the movie, music, and photo repository, the source for structured internet information or the means for in-house communication.

Unlike AMX, Crestron and other partial systems, Visiomatic does not leave the ergonomy and usability of user interfaces to the eventual skills of a programmer. Its easy, self-learning operation is the result of a thorough development for the best approach to home technology interfacing, releasing the specialist from the responsability of interface design, usability and armony.

All this makes Visiomatic home automation touch screens the best choice for those homes where quality matters.


Around this straight idea, a whole range of systems and touch displays with an atonishing look, high-class materials, intuitive and ergonomic use has been developed:

  • Visipad SL18
Visiomatic's flagship product

  • Visipad TT
Wide range of sizes and colors with Touch Through technology

  • Visipad RC6
Room Control displays with the ergonomy and power of visiomatic.

  • Visiomatic Homepads
The visiomatic concept becomes portable.