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Mobotix: HiRes IP Cameras.
Pioneer technology, with decentralized processing.
Mobotix IP cameras make up the most flexible and powerful
security systems solution for flexible integration
with the rest of the AlbenDas portfolio.

Mobotix: Security Systems that make a difference


With 3.1 megapixels, these cameras record around 30 times more detail, allowing up to 360° panorama with a single camera (Q24 models), thus reducing the number of cameras and therefore the costs.

Unlike other systems, the decentralized Mobotix concept incorporates a high-speed computer and, if necessary, a digital memory (SD card) for long-term recording in every camera.

The PC is now used only for viewing, not for analysis or recording. As a result, these cameras can record events even without a running PC and digitally record videos with sound for archiving purposes.

By not requiring any lens or positioning motors (so as not to have any moving parts), they are so robust that maintenance is reduced to a minimum.

CCTV, video surveillance, ip security systems and videotelephony, fully integrated with home automation.

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