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Founded in 1919 in Germany.
A key contributor to the development of the European Installation Bus, initially known as Instabus, and currently integrated in KONNEX (KNX), the only true world wide standard for Building Automation systems, integrated by over 250 manufacturers. Its products include the widest range for control instalations in:
  • Residential, service and industrial buildings.
  • Public and government facilities.
  • Yatching and caravaning.
  • Furniture electric control.

Through devices with different technoogies:


  • Conventional and electromechanical.
  • Home and professional electronics.


Berker has an important diferentiating approach that sets it appart from competition: it provides the widest range of aesthetic solutions both from the design and material perspectives. This is possible only thanks to its break-through modular design concept.


- Berker Q.1
- Watt watcher
- Master control
- IP-control
- Audio control
- Ts sensor RTR
- Mobile Living
- Berker K.1 | B.7

- Edition


- Fine surface finishes
- Stainless steel
- Plastic
- Glass
- Aluminium
- Porcelain





- Instabus KNX EIB
- Radio Bus
- Rollotec
- Blc
- Controller




- Buit-in systems
- Device switch
- Automotive switch