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eibPort - Always at the technological cutting edge, eibPort provides the most advanced single-device KNX visualization and integration with A/V devices. A device virtually inexhaustible, in a permanent evolution, the favourite of the advanced KNX specialist.


AlbenDas strongly recommends the eibPort as the perfect tool for the demanding KNX professional. At AlbenDas we train KNX partners on eibPort functionality on a monthly basis. Contact us to learn more.



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You cannot switch only light, display values and drive venetian blinds but also steer the multimedia playback of DVDs and music. Display the picture of a network cameras with the HIC on your iPhone. Everything feels comfortable and mobile with the iPhone.

The HIC Phone also runs on the new iPod touch and all Nokia mobile phones with Symbian S60 software, the BlackBerry or HTC.

Home Information Center iPhone


Home Information Center is also available for Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and all Nokia mobile phones with Symbian S60 software.


The Home Information Center iPhone takes the functionality of the EIB to the iPhone. The HIC Phone is the table visualization of the eibPort for the iPhone of Apple.

Home Information Terminal (HIT) is your home's information center. Here you can use your Home automation system and control your multi-room audio system (UPnP). It is possible to integrate links to webpages or camera-streams. All this is accessible through a high quality graphical user interface with good ease of use.


By using the RSS-Feed extension you have an overview about current News and you can jump to a complete article just with one click. No matter if you use a touch display, a laptop or an ultra mobile PC (UMPC) on the sofa in every case you have a quick survey of all the information you need You can create simple menu items or submenus for the navigation bar.


Every item can be customized in the look and assigned to many functions. It is possible to create your own and individual information central.


The Home Information Terminal uses the technology of the installed internet browser. So you can integrate all the websites wich are using modern web-technologies like Flash, JavaScript, Ajax etc. The eibPort visualization as well as our multimedia solution is integrated natively. This means you have no delay or refresh time when switching between different pages.

Home Information Terminal for Touch Displays


Have a look at the traffic report or the weather forecast in the morning before you go to work. Information without starting the PC.


The Home Information Terminal is configured in a very intuitive but powerful What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get editor.


The navigation bar can be completely configured to fit your demands. Starting with the position of the navigation bar, the font style, the color shema and the selection of the images. Everything can be changed within a few mouse clicks and a very short time.


In the next part you configure the content of the navigation bar. The ease of use is most important here, too.


A new navigation item can be created in three steps:


  • You create a new item and choose the title as well as the icon


  • Select the type of the content (web link / eibPort visualization etc)


  • Configure the specific data, e.g. the IP address of the eibPort or the URL of the website