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It is difficult to accuratelly explain the experience of listening to the loudspeakers and room acoustics from Ascendo.


The unique features of their loudspeakers result from the combination of the brodadband dynamics of mature full-range systems and the coherency of electrostatic systems.


To listen to Ascendo, their room acoustics, and their audiophile speakers is to experience something different.

Ascendo manufactures high end speakers, room acoustic design and correction systems. Ascendo is worldwide renowned for it's excellence.

Their constructive features are:

- Time Alignment
- Adjustment
- SASB Technology
- Decoupling / Modular Design

Rooms and designs
Rooms are designed and used by people. Personal confort and individual design of rooms are interrelated. The experience of music is part of this individual environment.


Rooms and Acoustics.
Rooms have acoustic qualities. These qualities determine the tonal experience and the individual preference of the listening and speaker position.

Acoustic design of rooms.

With the ASCENDO ROOM ACOUSTIC PROGRAM, the acoustic qualities of rooms can be designed.

The personal perceptible advantages are:

- Optimal acoustic room impression

- Audible homogeneity

- Freedom in choosing speaker and listening position.